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By: O. Cobryn, M.S., Ph.D.

Co-Director, Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine

How many grams of anhydrous theophylline must be used if its label also indicates the presence of allergy testing tacoma buy cetirizine overnight delivery. Problem(s) that the pharmacist should anticipate in preparing this prescription include I. The patient should be cautioned about the possibility of drowsiness from the capsules. The pharmacist fills a #2 capsule and finds that the net weight of the powder is 40 mg less than needed. The total amount (mg) of potassium administered in each admixture bottle is [K = 39. Which of the following commercial parenteral solutions would be incompatible with the original admixture After removing the aminophylline solution from the ampule, the pharmacist should pass the solution through a device such as a filter needle. Which of the following laminar flow hoods is (are) considered a suitable working area for preparing the previously mentioned admixture order When reviewing this order, the pharmacist should (A) inform the prescriber that an incompatibility exists between aminophylline solution and potassium chloride solution (B) inform the prescriber that the dose of aminophylline is too high (C) inform the nursing staff that the mixture must be protected from sunlight (D) inform the prescriber that aminophylline will precipitate when added to DsW (E) fill the order as written 14. Which of the following would the pharmacist consider as suitable agents for disinfecting a laminar flow hood Which of the following consultations by the pharmacist to the nurse is (are) appropriate The two solutions may be mixed together in a syringe in order to administer a single injection. A precipitate may occur if either drug solution is injected into a heparinized scalp-vein infusion set. Plastic parenteral bottles and bags differ from glass units in that the plastic units have I. Which of the following procedures should the pharmacist use in preparing the minibottIes The label on the vial states that the powder contains a citrate buffer to maintain a pH of 6 to 6. Polymyxin B sulfate is available in 10 mL parenteral vials labeled as containing 500,000 units. Which of the following statements is (are) accurate if the pharmacist wants to prepare 30 g of ointment (15,000 U / g) Which of the following statements concerning compounding this prescription is (are) true Ondansetron is available under the trade name of (A) Kytril (B) Marinol (C) Reglan (D) Zofran (E) Zoloft 32. When preparing a liquid oral dosage form, elixirs may be preferred over syrups because elixirs have better solvent properties for I. How many mg of sodium chloride are tion in the final preparation will be (A) 15 (B) 16. The most practical method for sterilizing the ophthalmic solution is (A) autoclaving for 15 minutes (B) autoclaving for 30 minutes (C) membrane filtration through 0. Which of the following characteristics concerning tetracaine in the previously mentioned formula is (are) true Which of the following should the pharmacist use when compounding this prescription Which one of the following ointment bases is the best choice as a diluent for this order When preparing the ointment in Question 46, the amount of diluent that should be added to 30 g of the 0. The final dosage form of this prescription is best described as a (an) (A) colloidal solution (B) elixir (C) O/Wemulsion (D) W /0 emulsion (E) suspension 49. Which of the following auxiliary labels should the pharmacist attach to the container when dispensing the previously mentioned product A major ingredient in the ointment base, Aquaphor, is: (A) cetyl alcohol (B) cholesterol (C) petrolatum (D) polysorbate 80 (E) water I. Eucerin is another commercial base similar to Aquaphor except Eucerin contains (A) cetyl alcohol (B) cholesterol (C) sodium lauryl sulfate (D) polysorbate 80 (E) water 54.

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It regulates hormonal and immunological processes as well as the functioning of major organ systems (cardiovascular allergy shots ogden utah purchase cetirizine 10 mg with visa, respiratory, gastrointestinal, urinary, and reproductive systems). The latter are small clusters of specialized neurons, lying on the surface of the ventricular system, that sense changes in the chemical composition of the blood and the cerebrospinal fluid. Projections from the hypothalamus and brain stem, particularly from the brain stem reticular formation, travel to the lateral horn of the thoracolumbar spinal cord, where they form synapses onto the sympathetic neurons of the spinal cord. The parasympathetic neurons receive input from higher centers in similar fashion and project in turn to parasympathetic ganglia that are generally located near the end organs they serve. The hypothalamus regulates hormonal function through its regulator hormones as well as efferent neural impulses. The sympathetic and parasympathetic components are both structurally and functionally segregated. The intestine has its own autonomic ganglia, which are located in the myenteric and submucous plexuses (p. The projecting fibers of the spinal autonomic neurons (preganglionic fibers) exit the spinal cord in the ventral roots and travel to the paravertebral and prevertebral ganglia, where they synapse onto the next neuron of the pathway. The sympathetic preganglionic fibers (unmyelinated; white ramus communicans) travel a short distance to the paravertebral sympathetic chain, and the postganglionic fibers (unmyelinated; gray ramus communicans) travel a relatively long distance to the effector organs. An exception to this rule is the adrenal medulla: playing, as it were, the role of a sympathetic chain ganglion, it receives long preganglionic fibers and then, instead of giving off postganglionic fibers, secretes epinephrine into the bloodstream. The parasympathetic preganglionic fibers are long; they project to ganglia near the effector organs, which, in turn, give off short postganglionic processes. Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter in the sympathetic and parasympathetic ganglia. The neurotransmitters of the postganglionic fibers are norepineprhrine (sympathetic) and acetylcholine (parasympathetic). Among its anatomical components are the preoptic area, infundibulum, tuber cinereum, and mamillary bodies. It is responsible for the control and integration of endocrine function, thermoregulation (p. The ensuing effects are sensed by the hypothalamus, thus closing the regulatory loop. Various regulatory hormones (releasing and inhibiting hormones) are secreted by hypothalamic neurons into a local vascular network, through which they reach the adenohypophysis to regulate the secretion of pituitary hormones into the systemic circulation. Finally, the plasma concentration of the corresponding effector hormones and aglandotropic pituitary hormones affects the hypothalamic secretion of regulatory hormones in a negative feedback circuit (closed regulatory loop). The bulblike endings of these axons store oxytocin and antidiuretic hormone and secrete them directly into the bloodstream (neurosecretion). Hypothalamus Anterior commissure Medial and lateral preoptic nuclei Preoptic area Supraoptic nucleus Suprachiasmatic nucleus Optic chiasm Infundibulum Internal carotid a. Portal venous system Exogenous/ endogenous stimuli Fornix Paraventricular nucleus Dorsomedial nucleus Posterior hypothalamic nucleus Ventral tegmental area Mamillary body Supraoptic nucleus Infundibular nucleus Tuber cinereum anterior lobe posterior lobe Basilar a. Limbic System the limbic system consists of a number of separate structures with complex interconnections. Its function is only partly understood, but it is clear that it plays an important role in memory, emotion, and behavior. Structure the limbic system consists of inner and outer portions, both of which resemble a ring (Latin limbus). The outer portion extends from rostral structures (the septal and preoptic areas) in a craniocaudal arch (cingulate gyrus) to the temporal lobe, all the way to the temporal pole (hippocampus, entorhinal cortex). The inner portion extends from the hypothalamus and mamillary body via the fornix to the dentate gyrus, hippocampus, and amygdala. Numerous fiber tracts, many of them bilateral, connect the limbic system to the thalamus, cortex, olfactory bulb (p.

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Effects of lesions: Loss of balance (truncal ataxia allergy symptoms of low blood pressure order cetirizine uk, postural ataxia gait ataxia), nystagmus on lateral gaze, and absence of visual fixation suppression (p. Structures: Parts of the superior vermis (culmen, central lobule) and inferior vermis (uvula, pyramis), parts of the cerebellar hemispheres (wing of central lobule, quadrangular lobule, paraflocculus). Afferent connections: the pars intermedia receives the spinocerebellar tracts, projections from the primary motor and somatosensory cortex, and projections conveying auditory, visual, and vestibular information. Efferent connections: From the nucleus interpositus to the reticular formation, red nucleus, and ventrolateral nucleus of the thalamus, which projects in turn to area 4 of the cortex. Functions: Coordination of distal muscles, muscle tone (postural control), balance, and velocity and amplitude of saccades. Structures: Most of the cerebellar hemispheres, including the declive, folium, and tuber of the vermis. Afferent connections: From sensory and motor cortical areas, premotor cortex, and parietal lobes via pontine nuclei and the inferior olive. Efferent connections: From the dentate nucleus to the red nucleus and the ventrolateral nucleus of the thalamus, and from these structures onward to motor and premotor cortex. Effects of lesions: Delayed initiation and termination of movement, mistiming of agonist and antagonist contraction in movement sequences, intention tremor, limb ataxia. The three large whitematter tracts (peduncles) of the cerebellum convey afferent input to the cerebellar cortex from the cerebral cortex (especially visual areas), pontine nuclei, the brain stem nuclei of the trigeminal, vestibular, and cochlear nerves, and the spinal cord. The inferior cerebellar peduncle carries fibers from the vestibular nerve and nucleus to the flocculonodular lobe and fastigial nucleus, and from the contralateral inferior olive to the cerebellar hemispheres (olivocerebellar tract), as well as proprioceptive input from the posterior spinocerebellar tract (derived from muscle spindles and destined for the anterior and posterior portions of the paramedian cerebellar cortex) and fibers from the brain stem reticular formation. The thalamus projects in turn to the premotor and primary motor cortex, whose output travels down to the pons, which projects back to the cerebellum, forming a neuroanatomical circuit. Cerebellar output influences (ipsilateral) spinal motor neurons by way of the red nucleus and rubrospinal tract. The inferior cerebellar peduncle projects to the vestibular nuclei and brain stem reticular formation (completing the vestibulocerebellar feedback loop) and influences spinal motor neurons by way of the vestibulospinal and reticulospinal tracts. Motor Function 54 Functional Systems the cerebellum can be thought of as containing three separate functional components. Cerebellum Fastigial nucleus Reticular formation Reticulospinal tract Vestibular nucleus Vestibular n. Motor Function 55 Nodulus Postural and gait ataxia Vestibular System input from the paramedian region of the cerebellar cortex. Fibers reach the vestibular nucleus from the spinal cord ipsilaterally, and also bilaterally by way of the fastigial nucleus. The oculomotor nuclei project to the ipsilateral vestibular nuclei through the medial longitudinal fasciculus. The vestibulocerebellum projects to the ipsilateral nodulus, uvula, and anterior lobe of the vermis, and to the flocculi bilaterally. Fibers to the motor neurons of the contralateral cervical spinal cord decussate in the medial vestibulospinal tract. Other fibers cross the midline to the contralateral thalamus, which projects in turn to cortical areas 2 and 3 (primary somatosensory area). Labyrinth the vestibular apparatus (labyrinth) consists of the saccule, the utricle, and three semicircular canals, each in a plane approximately at right angles to the others. The labyrinth is filled with fluid (endolymph) and has five receptor organs: the ampullary crests, which lie in a dilatation (ampulla) in front of the utricle at the end of each semicircular canal; the saccular macula (macula sacculi), a vertically oriented sensory field on the medial wall of the saccule; and the utricular macula (macula utriculi), a horizontally oriented sensory field on the floor of the utricle. Angular acceleration is sensed by the hair cells of the ampullary crests and the gelatinous bodies (cupulae) suspended in the endolymph above them. Rotation about the axis of one of the semicircular canals causes its cupula to deflect in the opposite direction, because it is held back by the more slowly moving endolymph. The subject feels as if he were rotating counter to the original direction of rotation and also tends to fall in the original direction of rotation. The otolithic membrane of the saccular and utricular maculae is denser than the surrounding endolymph because of the calcite crystals (otoliths) embedded in it. Linear acceleration of the head thus causes relative motion of the otolithic membrane and endolymph, resulting in activation of the macular receptor cells (hair cells).

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  • Skeletal deformities
  • A special type of x-ray  is used to make sure the catheter is in the right place.
  • Brain problems that are present at birth (congenital brain defect)
  • Collapsed neck veins
  • Drug overdose (caffeine, amphetamines, or other stimulants)
  • If you smoke, you need to stop. Ask your doctor or nurse for help. Smoking will slow down wound and bone healing.
  • Certain congenital heart defects, both before or possibly after repair
  • Cholesterol - drug treatment

Simple and highly effective treatment for ingrowing nail- Gutter treatment with acrylic fixation allergy shots make you sleepy order cetirizine cheap, acrylic artificial nail and taping. Treatment of ingrowing nail in children, acrylic affixed gutter splint, sculptured nail and taping. Simple and effective non-invasive treatment methods for ingrown nail and pincer nail including acrylic affixed gutter splint, anchor taping, sculptured nails, shape memory alloy and plastic nail braces as well as 40% urea paste. Anchor taping method for the treatment of ingrown nail, nail trauma and other nail disorders. Surgical pearl: Nail splinting by flexible tube-A new noninvasive treatment for ingrown toenails. Sodium bicarbonate attenuates pain on skin infiltration with lidocaine, with or without epinephrine. Pain tolerance, especially during the local anesthesia, is the cornerstone of any surgical procedure. Fortunately, the indications of a nail biopsy in a child are very limited and should be done only for specific purposes. Indications of Nail Biopsy in Children Contrary to adults, nail biopsy is rarely performed in children, unless necessary. Indeed, the scope of nail conditions in children is different from the one in adults and hopefully, many pediatric nail diseases are clinically recognizable. The latter is aggressive and should be diagnosed as soon as possible to avoid any permanent scarring. Nail psoriasis is much less often biopsied as there are in most cases clues to help the diagnosis, such as plaques on the body or scalp or a familial history of psoriasis. Moreover, there are no dystrophic sequelae from the disease and the treatment mostly remains topical. The lesion is biopsied because it has an unusual location or an unusual presentation5 (Figure 19. In some rare instances of dominant dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa, the nail abnormalities may be the only sign of the condition over several generations. One should remember that the stress of the parents is very easily transmitted to the child. Older children should be included in the discussion and a simple, clear, and reassuring explanation should be given to them. There are no specific studies on nail surgery procedures in children, but one may get good information from publications on venous puncture and dental procedures in this age group. Several studies compared different regimens: those with midazolam, chloral hydrate, hydroxyzine, and mepiridine, respectively. It is amazing to discover how parents are unable to carry out this kind of dressing. A demonstration on how to perform an adequate occlusion (with any cream) during the preoperative consultation is of great help. Time of occlusion should be respected, too, at least 2 hours prior to the procedure for fingers or toes. It is a cost-effective and efficacious alternative to conscious sedation or general anesthesia for minor pediatric surgical procedures. Managing the Child during the Biopsy Pain from the Needle As previously mentioned, children mostly fear the needle. However, it is sometimes impossible to apply before the procedure (parents forgot, waited too long, did not do it properly) and other tips should be used to overcome the discomfort from the needle insertion. Pain is highly subjective, and it is neurologically proven that stimulation of large diameter fibers using cold, rubbing, pressure, or vibration can close the neural "gate" so that the central perception of pain is reduced. The mother (or the nurse) may be asked to firmly press on the point of injection for at least 5 minutes before the needle prick. Another option is to use a vibrating tool for several minutes, at the location of the future injection, until the child finds that the area is becoming numb (Figure 19. This was demonstrated as an effective method to decrease pain during local anesthesia. Downloaded by [Chulalongkorn University (Faculty of Engineering)] at Pain from Dilation Once the needle is inserted painlessly, the infusion of the anesthetic may start. The subungual space is very limited, and excessive pressure on the Vater-Pacini corpuscules within the distal soft tissue will trigger pain. The injection should be extremely slow, thus performing a very slowly progressive swelling.

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About the Security Industries Authority Staff

The Security Industies Authority is headed by a Registrar as the CEO and has thirteen (13) other staff members from all four (4) regions of the country working under him. These includes the Manager Finance and Administration, Manager Licensing and Compliance and four (4) Regional inspectors(MOMASE, Islands, Highland and Southern).

The Inspectors job are very challenging because they are at the front line of enforcement to ensure that private security companies are compliant with the provisions of the Security Protection Act to operate a security company. Most of them are former officers of the Royal PNG Constabulary. Apart from them we also have a efficient staff made up of the Executive Secretary, Accounts Officer, HR Officer , I.T Officer & an Office Janitor in Head Office Port Moresby while Admin Assistance/ Driver and an Office Admin/ Reception in Lae Momase & Highlands Region branch office.

Staff Profiles


Mr. Paul Kingston Isari

Registrar & CEO of PNG Security Industries Authority


Mr. Philip Gene, BAC, CPA PNG

Manager Finance & Administration


Mr. Spencer Gelo

Manager Licencing & Compliance

POM Office Staff

Front left – right Ms Margaret Biskum- Security Inspector New Guinea Islands, Ms Alicia Nana – Executive Secretary & Mrs Mackey Kembi Office Janitor

Back left – right Mr. Rinson Ngale – Security Inspector NCD/Southern Region, Mr. Emmanuel Tumbe HR Officer, Mr. Elijah Fave – Accounts Officer, Mr. Andrew Kaiap – I.T Officer


Lae Office Staff

Front left – right Ms Nelison Roberts – Office Secretary / Reception , Mr. Elvis Otare – Office Admin Assistance / Driver & Acting Momase Region Inspector

Back left – right Vacant – Office Manager & Security Inspector Momase Region, Mr. Pius Moi – Acting Office Manager Security Inspector Highlands Region

Security Industries Authority organizational chart


Vacancies for Council Representatives from the Security
Industry to sit in the Council

The Security Industries Authority currently does not have any vacant Council Representative position. There in total six (6) nominated representative from Security Industries in the council.(see SIA Council)

Qualified candidates will be made known here if there is a vacant in Council Representative positions.

Security Industries Authority Position Vacancies

SIA Currently has no vacancy positions available. Public will be notified for any positions available in the future.

Criteria for appointment to the Security Industries Council

  1. The candidates must have a sound knowledge in the operations of private security companies and are quite versed with the Security Protection Act 2004.
  2. The candidates shall not be currently employed in any licensed security companies that are currently registered with the Security Industries Authority or were not previously employed by any licensed security companies.
  3. The candidates shall not be a current owner or a shareholder of a licensed security company currently registered with the Security Industries Authority and the IPA (Investment promotion Authority).
  4. The candidates shall not be a previous owner or a shareholder of a licensed security company registered with the Security Industries Authority or with the IPA. (Investment promotion Authority).
  5. Interested persons may submit their application with a CV with three (3) references named and attached with their latest passport size photos.
  6. Both male and females are encouraged to participate.
  7. Only registered security companies and permitted security guards will participate in the nominations.
  8. All candidates shall be subjected to a fit and proper persons test before they are formally appointed for 3 years term by the Minister for Police & Internal Security.

For enquiries on this matter

Visit us at the Top floor of the Former Fraud Squad blue building, Gorobe Street, Badili, 2 Mile, Port Moresby NCD or Lae at Post Office Building, second street, top floor, suite # 14, Lae Morobe Province or write to the Chairman Security Industries Council PO BOX 80 Port Moresby National capital District. You can also contact Manager Licensing & Compliance – Mr. Spencer Gelo on telephone 3239851 / 3257930, or email executivesecretary@sia.gov.pg

Invitation to the Stake Holders and the Industry to make a submission on the amendments to current security Protection Act

The Registrar now invites all the registered security companies, service receivers and interested stake holders for their written submission to amend the current Security Protection Act to cover many grey areas of the law.

The submissions should clearly state what provisions of the current Security Protection Act 2004 and the Security Protection regulation 2012 are to be amended to enhance the growth of the industry. This is necessary in light of numerous complaints from the security companies and interested stake holders of the short falls in the current Act which is said to be hindering the growth of the industry.

All submissions must be dropped at The Authority Head Office: Former Fraud Squad Office, Top Floor, Gorobe Street, 2 Mile Drive, Badili,Boroko NCD in Port Moresby. They can also be posted or emailed using the address on the last page. Copies of the current Security Protection Act 2004 can be obtained at the Security Industries Authority office for K35 to use as a guide to prepare the submissions.

Appointment to the Board of Complaints

The Security Industries Authority in compliance with section 57 of the Security Protection Act 2004 has already advertised in the media in early February 2013 seeking for two (2) interested persons to sit on the Board of Complaints.

The purposes of the Board of Complaints is to hear allegations made against licensed security companies by the general public and to award appropriate disciplinary penalties to protect the integrity of the security industry. Several applications have already been received and the short listed candidates will be advised in writing by the chairman shortly before a final selection is made for their three (3) yeas appointments by the Minister for Police and Internal Security.