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By: E. Aschnu, M.S., Ph.D.

Clinical Director, University of Oklahoma College of Medicine

Further investigation had confirmed a recurrence of her colon cancer herbs uses order v-gel 30gm free shipping, with metastatic spread to the lungs and liver. Questions 1 What are the treatment options for the first-line therapy of metastatic colorectal cancer? Briefly describe some of the key principles in the prescribing and dispensing of oral chemotherapy. You then discuss what medication she is currently taking, which are as follows: I I I I I I co-amilofruse 5/40 one tablet p. You explain to her that her consultant oncologist has decided that she should commence single-agent oral capecitabine chemotherapy. What change to therapy would you recommend to her clinician based on these results? One of your tasks in your clinic is to emphasise the way in which treatment will be monitored and to outline the goal of therapy. Part of your review also includes checking for any potential drug interactions with capecitabine. You also notice that she has brought back empty boxes of capecitabine from her first cycle, indicating that she finished her treatment as prescribed. General references Allwood M, Stanley A and Wright P (eds) (2002) the Cytotoxics Handbook. Solimondo D, Bressler L, Kintzel P and Geraci M (2007) Drug Information Handbook for Oncology. Summerhayes M and Daniels S (2003) Practical Chemotherapy: A Multidisciplinary Guide. An individual who smokes one packet of cigarettes daily has a 20-fold increased risk of lung cancer compared with a non-smoker. Smoking cessation decreases the risk of lung cancer, but a significant decrease in risk does not occur until approximately 5 years after stopping. Numerous clinical trials have proven this benefit, and the use of both drugs together is now accepted practice. This can occur in up to 10% of patients and is generally mild to moderate in nature. This information could be supported by checking the pharmacy electronic computer records for his drug history. Other unwanted effects are generally mild and transient and include lightheadedness, abdominal discomfort, hiccups, fatigue and asymptomatic rises in liver transaminases. M alig n an t dis e as e s cas e s tudie s 187 Dexamethasone may cause side-effects typical of corticosteroid administration. Many of its more serious adverse effects occur on long-term treatment, while other generally less serious effects may become apparent during shortterm treatment periods. Ranitidine is generally well tolerated but may occasionally cause diarrhoea and other gastrointestinal disturbances, altered liver function tests, headache, dizziness, rash and tiredness. Other rare side-effects include acute pancreatitis, bradycardia, atrioventricular block, confusion, depression and hallucinations, particularly in the very ill or elderly. What alternative formulations could you suggest in order to facilitate medication compliance in this case? Cancer patients often have mechanical obstructions caused by tumours, particularly of the head and neck, oesophagus or lung. It is therefore important for the pharmacist to advise on and provide alternative formulations of medications to facilitate patient compliance. Specifically: I I I Ondansetron is available in a liquid form (4 mg/5 mL syrup), oral lyophilisates (tablets which are placed on the tongue, allowed to disperse and then swallowed) or suppositories (although these can cause rectal irritation). Ranitidine is available either in a liquid form (75 mg/5 mL syrup) or as effervescent tablets that may be dissolved in water.

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We summarized many diseases in only few papers with tips & tricks in diagnosis bajaj herbals fze buy generic v-gel 30 gm, to help you recalling the right answer immediately. Free Trial Superficial Fungal Infections 1- Dermatophytoses Epidermomycosis Dermatophytosis of epidermis Trichomycosis Dermatophytosis of hair & hair follicle Onychomycosis Dermatophytosis of nail apparatus Tinea Corporis Caused by: Trichophyton rubrum (is most frequent) Risk factors: Typically seen in hot, humid climates Lesion: Large, scaling, well-demarcated plaques (Single or scattered multiple lesions). B) Black dots: Broken-off hairs at scalp surface give appearance of "dots" in dark-haired patients within alopecic areas. Mucosal candidiasis 1- Oral Candidiasis ( thrush ) : - Adherent white patches on the tongue and inner surface of cheeks, if scraped off a raw bleeding area will be revealed. Oral antifungal agents : Azoles ( fluconazole & itraconazole): b- Monilial balanitis : Tiny white pustule or papules with soreness and irritation. Skin leasions: Macules which may be confluent together forming patches, sharply marginated, varying in size. Fine scaling is best seen by gently scraping of the lesions with the edge of glass slide. Mode of transmission & age of distribution: as streptococcal pharyngitis : - Illness may follow a streptococcal pharyngitis, wound infections, burns, or streptococcal skin infection. Often, there is a history of exposure to infected individual, 90% of patient < 10 years old child. Prodrome: - Fever/Anorexia/Headche/malaise/ abdominal pain before the onset of the rash. Rash: - Erythematous macules, papules, vesicles, scabbed lesions are present at the same time Within days, vesicles become turbid and then crusted. Complications : 1234Skin lesions may be superinfected by bacteria (Streptococcus pyogenes or Staphylococcus aureus). Because the varicella vaccine is a live attenuated virus preparation, it is contraindicated in : 1- Pregnant women 2- Immunocompromised hosts. Rosacea : Age: most commonly occurs in 30- to 60-year-old patients with fair skin, light hair and light eye color. Pathogenesis is not known,although hair follicle mites have been thought to play a role. Course: the episodes are usually intermittent, but can progressively lead to permanently flushed skin. Treatment: 1) Medical: is aimed at the inflammatory papules, pustules, and erythema. It is commonly seen after an upper respiratory tract infection / and more common in males. Causes: 1- It usually occurs after trauma 2- It may also occur around foreign bodies (in surgical wounds). Organisms: Group A hemolytic Streptococci & Staphylococcus aureus are frequently the initiating infectious bacteria; (it may other aerobic & anaerobic). Treatment : 1- Thorough surgical debridement of all the necrotic tissues is the most important therapy. Clinical features : - Presents as erythematous macule,which rapidly evolves into vesicles & pustules pustules later rupture and leave: honey-colored, crusted exudates. Sycosis barbae -Discrete follicular pustules, each pierced by a hair, in the beard. Pseudo folliculitis Treatment : - Topical mupirocin is the treatment of choice - Alternatives: 1- Oral Erythromycin 2- Oral Cephalexin / Dicloxacillin / Ampicillin in severe cases. Folliculitis 2- Bullous impetigo : Etiology: Staphylococcal aureus mostly in newborns - is caused by staphylococci that produce toxins ( exfoliative toxin A & B ) capable of causing split in epidermis by targeting the epidermal adhesion molecule, desmoglein 1 (Dsg-1) Clinical features: - Rapidly enlarging flaccid bullae with yellow fluid. Caused by: exfoliative toxin-producing strains of Staphylocoocal aureus the toxins target desmoglein 1, which is responsible for keratinocyte adhesion in the superficial epidermis. Prodrome: of 1- fever 2- irritability 3- skin tenderness Eruption: Erythema starts on the face, and generalizes within the ensuing 24-48 hours Superficial flaccid blisters soon develop, with flexural accentuation and perioral crusting. Felon : Cultures from intact bullae are usually sterile because this is a toxin-mediated process. Treatment : 1- Eliminate any inciting focus of infection with appropriate anti-staphy.

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Amantadine and rimantadine are not recommended at present because of widespread resistance among influenza A/H3N2 viruses herbals shoppe hedgehog products buy v-gel 30gm low cost. Influenza vaccination is recommended for any individual >6 months of age who is at increased risk for complications (Table 108-2). The commercially available vaccines are inactivated and may be given to immunocompromised pts. A live attenuated influenza vaccine given by intranasal spray has been approved and can be used for healthy children and adults up to 49 years of age. Prophylaxis is useful for high-risk individuals who have not received vaccine and are exposed to influenza; it can be administered simultaneously with inactivated-but not with live-vaccine. Although >8000 cases were ultimately identified in 28 countries of Asia, Europe, and North America, ~90% of all cases occurred in China and Hong Kong. Transmission appeared to take place by both large and small aerosols and perhaps also by the fecal-oral route. Pulmonary pathology consists of hyaline membrane formation, pneumocyte desquamation in alveolar spaces, and an interstitial infiltrate. A worse prognosis is associated with an age of >50 years and with comorbidities such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and hepatitis. Transmission to health care workers was frequent; strict infection control measures were found to be essential. It is a major respiratory pathogen among young children and the foremost cause of lower respiratory disease among infants. The virus is transmitted efficiently via contact with contaminated fingers or fomites and by spread of coarse aerosols. Severe disease is marked by tachypnea and dyspnea; hypoxia, cyanosis, and apnea can ensue. Mortality rates can be high, especially among infants with prematurity, bronchopulmonary dysplasia, congenital heart disease, nephrotic syndrome, or immunosuppression. Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus For upper tract disease, treatment is symptom-based. For severe lower tract disease, aerosolized ribavirin is beneficial to infants, but its efficacy in older children and adults (including immunocompromised pts) has not been established. Health care workers exposed to the drug have experienced minor toxicity, including eye and respiratory tract irritation. Infections are milder among older children and adults, but severe, prolonged, and fatal infection is reported among pts with severe immunosuppression, including transplant recipients. Ribavirin has been used on occasion, and anecdotal reports indicate some efficacy. Transmission can take place via inhalation of aerosolized virus, through inoculation of the conjunctival sacs, and probably via the fecal-oral route. The virus causes outbreaks of pharyngoconjunctival fever (often at summer camps), an illness characterized by bilateral conjunctivitis, granular conjunctivae, rhinitis, sore throat, and cervical adenopathy. Epidemiology Routine administration of the measles vaccine has markedly decreased the number of cases in the United States. The disease is spread by respiratory secretions through exposure to aerosols and through direct contact with larger droplets.

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University of California-Davis Wildlife Health Center herbs lower blood pressure purchase online v-gel, Department of Fish and Game Resource Assessment Program Final Report. Fatal Pasteurella haemolytica pneumonia in bighorn sheep after direct contact with clinically normal domestic sheep. Susceptibility of Dall sheep (Ovis dalli dalli) to pneumonia caused by Pasteurella haemolytica. Fatal pneumonia following inoculation of healthy bighorn sheep with Pasteurella haemolytica from healthy domestic sheep. The Northwest Territories Agricultural and Policy Framework and Environment and Natural Resources Government of the Northwest Territories, Canada. Epidemic pasteurellosis in a bighorn sheep population coinciding with the appearance of a domestic sheep. Protostrongylid parasites and pneumonia in captive and wild thinhorn sheep (Ovis dalli). Phylogenetic diversity of Pasteurellaceae and horizontal gene transfer of leukotoxin in wild and domestic sheep. Experimental contact transmission of Pasteurella haemolytica from clinically normal domestic sheep causing pneumonia in Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep. Susceptibility of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep and domestic sheep to pneumonia induced by bighorn and domestic livestock strains of Pasteurella haemolytica. Microorganisms associated with a pneumonic epizootic in Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis canadensis). Pasteurella haemolytica cytotoxin-dependent killing of neutrophils from bighorn and domestic sheep. Comparison of pulmonary defense mechanisms in Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis canadensis) and domestic sheep. Isolation and serologic evidence of a respiratory syncytial virus in bighorn sheep from Colorado. In the Mammals of Colorado: An Account of the Several Species Found within the Boundaries of the State, Together with a Record of Their Habits and of Their Distribution. Recommendations for Domestic Sheep and Goat Management in Wild Sheep Habitat, June 1, 007. This strategy will require effective national veterinary services and disease surveillance. Research needs and priorities fall under the following six categories: 1) Viral Pathogenesis and Immunity; ) Epidemiology; ) Diagnostics; ) Vaccines; 5) Biotherapeutics; and 6) Delivery Methods. To improve vaccine efficacy, the crucial step to understand is initiation of infection (i. Numerous pathogenesis studies have been conducted without establishment of a clear consensus on this subject; soft palate, nasal cavity, nasopharynx, and lungs have all been implicated. In an effort to resolve inconsistencies across previous investigations, our laboratory has developed a novel aerosol inoculation method which closely simulates natural infection. Shortly thereafter (-8 hpi), extensive quantities of virus accumulate in the lungs. The precise roles of these sites in the transition from local to systemic disease are still under investigation. Disease outbreaks have a significant economic impact on affected countries because of trade restrictions, loss of animals, and decrease in animal productivity. Development of vaccines which address the limitations of the current vaccine is ongoing. We have developed a vaccine candidate that addresses many of the limitations of the inactivated vaccine and have demonstrated that one inoculation protects cattle and swine as early as 7 days postvaccination. Currently we are engaged in a collaborative research and development program with the U. However, this approach only delayed and reduced the severity of disease in cattle. The first series of products are being developed for cattle and post-licensing activities will focus on efficacy in other domestic livestock and wildlife species.

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About the Security Industries Authority Staff

The Security Industies Authority is headed by a Registrar as the CEO and has thirteen (13) other staff members from all four (4) regions of the country working under him. These includes the Manager Finance and Administration, Manager Licensing and Compliance and four (4) Regional inspectors(MOMASE, Islands, Highland and Southern).

The Inspectors job are very challenging because they are at the front line of enforcement to ensure that private security companies are compliant with the provisions of the Security Protection Act to operate a security company. Most of them are former officers of the Royal PNG Constabulary. Apart from them we also have a efficient staff made up of the Executive Secretary, Accounts Officer, HR Officer , I.T Officer & an Office Janitor in Head Office Port Moresby while Admin Assistance/ Driver and an Office Admin/ Reception in Lae Momase & Highlands Region branch office.

Staff Profiles


Mr. Paul Kingston Isari

Registrar & CEO of PNG Security Industries Authority


Mr. Philip Gene, BAC, CPA PNG

Manager Finance & Administration


Mr. Spencer Gelo

Manager Licencing & Compliance

POM Office Staff

Front left – right Ms Margaret Biskum- Security Inspector New Guinea Islands, Ms Alicia Nana – Executive Secretary & Mrs Mackey Kembi Office Janitor

Back left – right Mr. Rinson Ngale – Security Inspector NCD/Southern Region, Mr. Emmanuel Tumbe HR Officer, Mr. Elijah Fave – Accounts Officer, Mr. Andrew Kaiap – I.T Officer


Lae Office Staff

Front left – right Ms Nelison Roberts – Office Secretary / Reception , Mr. Elvis Otare – Office Admin Assistance / Driver & Acting Momase Region Inspector

Back left – right Vacant – Office Manager & Security Inspector Momase Region, Mr. Pius Moi – Acting Office Manager Security Inspector Highlands Region

Security Industries Authority organizational chart


Vacancies for Council Representatives from the Security
Industry to sit in the Council

The Security Industries Authority currently does not have any vacant Council Representative position. There in total six (6) nominated representative from Security Industries in the council.(see SIA Council)

Qualified candidates will be made known here if there is a vacant in Council Representative positions.

Security Industries Authority Position Vacancies

SIA Currently has no vacancy positions available. Public will be notified for any positions available in the future.

Criteria for appointment to the Security Industries Council

  1. The candidates must have a sound knowledge in the operations of private security companies and are quite versed with the Security Protection Act 2004.
  2. The candidates shall not be currently employed in any licensed security companies that are currently registered with the Security Industries Authority or were not previously employed by any licensed security companies.
  3. The candidates shall not be a current owner or a shareholder of a licensed security company currently registered with the Security Industries Authority and the IPA (Investment promotion Authority).
  4. The candidates shall not be a previous owner or a shareholder of a licensed security company registered with the Security Industries Authority or with the IPA. (Investment promotion Authority).
  5. Interested persons may submit their application with a CV with three (3) references named and attached with their latest passport size photos.
  6. Both male and females are encouraged to participate.
  7. Only registered security companies and permitted security guards will participate in the nominations.
  8. All candidates shall be subjected to a fit and proper persons test before they are formally appointed for 3 years term by the Minister for Police & Internal Security.

For enquiries on this matter

Visit us at the Top floor of the Former Fraud Squad blue building, Gorobe Street, Badili, 2 Mile, Port Moresby NCD or Lae at Post Office Building, second street, top floor, suite # 14, Lae Morobe Province or write to the Chairman Security Industries Council PO BOX 80 Port Moresby National capital District. You can also contact Manager Licensing & Compliance – Mr. Spencer Gelo on telephone 3239851 / 3257930, or email executivesecretary@sia.gov.pg

Invitation to the Stake Holders and the Industry to make a submission on the amendments to current security Protection Act

The Registrar now invites all the registered security companies, service receivers and interested stake holders for their written submission to amend the current Security Protection Act to cover many grey areas of the law.

The submissions should clearly state what provisions of the current Security Protection Act 2004 and the Security Protection regulation 2012 are to be amended to enhance the growth of the industry. This is necessary in light of numerous complaints from the security companies and interested stake holders of the short falls in the current Act which is said to be hindering the growth of the industry.

All submissions must be dropped at The Authority Head Office: Former Fraud Squad Office, Top Floor, Gorobe Street, 2 Mile Drive, Badili,Boroko NCD in Port Moresby. They can also be posted or emailed using the address on the last page. Copies of the current Security Protection Act 2004 can be obtained at the Security Industries Authority office for K35 to use as a guide to prepare the submissions.

Appointment to the Board of Complaints

The Security Industries Authority in compliance with section 57 of the Security Protection Act 2004 has already advertised in the media in early February 2013 seeking for two (2) interested persons to sit on the Board of Complaints.

The purposes of the Board of Complaints is to hear allegations made against licensed security companies by the general public and to award appropriate disciplinary penalties to protect the integrity of the security industry. Several applications have already been received and the short listed candidates will be advised in writing by the chairman shortly before a final selection is made for their three (3) yeas appointments by the Minister for Police and Internal Security.