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By: Q. Kan, M.A., M.D., M.P.H.

Assistant Professor, Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

Leaves that are curling women's health of illinois cheap 50 mg clomiphene with amex, turning a darker colour, and just beginning to become brittle are picked for use. They are collected and left in a bag overnight to ferment slightly, before being dried [either toasted over a fire, or sun-dried], losing about 60% of their original weight. They are then usually pressed into bales or sacks for storage, with care to keep them dry. A small pinch or two of lime is carefully added at the beginning, another perhaps 5 mins later, and more every 1015 mins afterwards. The wad is kept in the mouth [between the teeth and the cheek] and slowly sucked for at least an hour. The correct amount of lime to use is often a process of trial and error to the non-native novice chewer. Sometimes fresh leaves are occasionally added, and after lime has been added, the juice is swallowed in small amounts rather than spat out. Today, the readily-available sodium bicarbonate is often used instead, mostly in urban areas. Otherwise, alkaline ashes prepared from plants are still used for the lime reagent, as in Amazonian limes [see below]. Argentina, stems of Chamissoa altissima, Iresine diffusa [see Endnotes], Senecio bomanii, and S. For chewing, the leaves are prepared by toasting on a flat clay oven, turning the leaves often until dry and crisp. They are finely powdered in a large mortar, and finally mixed in equal proportions with the alkaline ashes of another plant [often Cecropia spp. The Tanimuka of Colombia blow smoke from Protium heptaphyllum resin [see Endnotes] over the powder, to improve the taste. This mixture is finely sifted, by beating through the fibres of a bark-bag, in the mortar. The preparation is usually used throughout the day [but sometimes only in the evening], and during small ceremonial events. This dose may be topped up as the old powder is swallowed (Martin 1970; Prance 1972; Schultes & Raffauf 1990; Uscategui 1959). The effect of coca-chewing is that of a mild stimulant, local anaesthetic and appetite-suppressant. The leaves themselves also constitute a highly nutritious food [see below] (Kennedy 1985; Martin 1970; pers. However, cocaine and alcohol interact in the body to produce a substance called cocaethylene, which affects dopamine receptors in the same manner as cocaine, but has a longer half-life, making such combinations potentially dangerous in excess. Although the chewed leaf is nowhere near as potent or as dangerous as pure cocaine, it is treated with the same disdain by the prohibition forces, being the source of cocaine. The only problems that have arisen from its native use are through the smoking of coca-paste (Jeri et al. However, regardless of the pros and cons of cocaine itself, I believe that it is highly unethical to purchase illicit cocaine. Such purchases are supporting a trade that ruins the lives of many hard-working peasant folk, who have been left with no practical means to support their families but to grow coca, and attracts destruction and pollution of the environment, whilst reaping enormous profits for a corrupt few. Coca paste is a crude mixture containing cocaine sulphate, ecgonine, other coca alkaloids [such as benzoyltropine and tropacocaine], and impurities such as kerosene, benzoic acid, methanol and sulphuric acid. It is derived from the early stages of cocaine extraction, and sold cheaply to local users. If the drug is readily available, its use can be extremely habituating, often leading to physical and psychological health problems.

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To harvest women's health group tallmadge ohio best buy for clomiphene, the branch should be cut [with a very sharp, clean blade] in dry weather at a slight angle so that water will not accumulate in the wound, which will be cup-like in the centre when healed. Some prefer to let it sit for a month or more to lose some water, to reduce the end volume to be consumed. The spines may be removed with a sharp knife, by cutting them away at the base with a small v-shaped notch of flesh. This is not necessary unless on stoutly-spined species, if intending to strain the brew by hand, or if your straining material will allow fragments to pass through. Freezing the cactus prior to preparation will break down cell walls and aid in efficient extraction once thawed. The cactus is chopped finely or sliced, and most people boil it gently in water [preferably acidified with lemon or lime juice] for several hours, with frequent stirring, and removal of surface scum. Often the pulp is then strained out, and the extract concentrated with gentle heating to minimise volume. Some prefer to only use the inner layer of flesh just under the skin, as this portion has the highest concentration of mescaline [the core and surrounding flesh contain much less, but can still be used]. This can be dried, powdered, and encapsulated for ingestion, though a large amount of material is still needed. Of course, people are ingenious and many methods of consumption have been devised and put into practice. The [once-frozen] thawed cactus is chopped or blended, then mixed with lime juice [2-3 limes per kg of cactus] and put in a nonaluminium pot. Slowly it is brought to the boil with stirring, and [still stirring] simmered gently for another 20-30 minutes. It is cooled and strained roughly through a sieve, then again through a fine filter [without squeezing pulp]. The pulp is returned to the pot and the process repeated; a little water may be added only if necessary. In practice, stretching it out does not help, and may actually make it more difficult to consume the full dose. Nausea and physical discomfort usually occur in the first hour or two after consumption, if at all [some people never get sick], and vomiting often occurs shortly afterwards. After this, or after the 3-hour mark if it is still down, the nausea and most of the discomfort disappear and the psychoactive effects begin to fully manifest. Often the effects come on in waves, and the full peak may not be felt until about 3-4hrs or more after onset; the whole experience may last up to 12hrs or more, depending on dose, and [in the case of most T. It should also be noted that many of the plants analysed by Agurell and associates were of cultivated, European origin (Agurell 1969a), and that many of the extraction methods used would not have recovered all mescaline present. It has been observed that active species with less internal slime produce less nausea (Trout & Friends 1999). The triterpenes bridgesigenins A and B were isolated, but much of the yield was probably formed as an artefact of the extraction process, through hydrolysis of unidentified glycosides (Kinoshita et al. Extracts of the plant induced secretion of epinephrine from the adrenal glands in animals (Lewis & Luduena 1934); stimulation of respiration and cardiac activity, hypertension, protrusion of the eyes, mydriasis and incoordination were observed in dogs; in toads, nicotine-like toxicity was observed (Luduena 1934). Myself and others have been unable to find a source or author for this species name (pers. Most human bioassays of this species [wild-harvested from near Cuzco, Peru] have been negative, but there is one positive report using the same material. There is one report of a positive bioassay, but identification of the material might have been in error (Trout & Friends 1999). Proper identification of this species is still disputed [see below], and some believe much of the material sold as T.

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It may have some antidepressant women's health promotion issues buy clomiphene 100mg online, cardiotonic and antitumour activity, and can be used to treat headache and gallstones, as well as acting as a liver tonic, emmenagogue and galactagogue. Flowering tops can be infused to treat insomnia, jaundice, urinary difficulty and cramps. A wash is good for mouth ulcers, hair and eyes; a poultice can be used for wounds and skin ulcers. Nausea and gastric upset is experienced by some people who take this herb internally. A decoction of it was drunk by shamans when they were required to "interview the spirits". It was only used for difficult divinations, and caused excitation, insomnia and pain for up to 24 hours (Schultes 1966, 1967a). Verbena officinalis is a perennial herb; stems 30-60(-100)cm, erect, quadrangular, longitudinally ribbed, scabrid on the angles and diffusely branched. Leaves opposite or rarely on whorls of 3, +- rhombic, strigulose, the lower 4-6 x 2-4cm, petiolate, deeply incised, lyrate to 1-2-pinnatifid, the upper smaller, sessile and subentire or entire. Ovary superior, initially 1-locular but becoming 2-4-locular by development of septa; style terminal. Fertile, well-drained loam, wasteground, roadsides, sunny positions (Bremness 1994); most of Europe, naturalised in Australia [all states except Western Australia] (Hnatiuk 1990); often cultivated. While these last few claims may be fabricated, the plant is effective against some forms of dementia due to its capacity to increase cerebral blood flow. The herbs should not be taken by pregnant women (Chiej 1984; Cunningham 1994; Polunin & Robbins 1992). In the West Indies, a flower infusion is used as a diabetes treatment, and a decoction is used as an eyewash. In Madagascar, the plant is used to treat dysentery; aerial parts are galactagogue and emetic, and roots are used as a purgative vermifuge. Extracts of the plant are hypotensive, hypoglycaemic, antiviral and antitumour in effect (Morton 1977; Svoboda & Blake 1975; Tin-Wa & Farnsworth 1975). This closely related genus, Catharanthus, enters our picture due to a possible error of sorts. When using extracts of the plant on patients, physicians noted that some side effects of the treatment were a euphoria with pleasant hallucinations. When this news spread, there was an outbreak of periwinkle smoking in Florida, usually stated to involve C. However, a national magazine article which brought some attention to this matter and helped spread the practice, referred to the use of a blue-flowered periwinkle [". The smoke, the youngsters reported, made their skin tingle as though ants were crawling over it and they seem to see the world through the wrong end of a telescope. Side effects of vinblastine and vincristine administration include an immediate reduction in white blood cell count. Exposure over time leads to itching and burning skin sensations, 346 loss of coordination, muscle deterioration and hair loss (Emboden 1979a; Farnsworth 1969; Morton 1977). This was subjectively similar to a smoked sample of Mitragyna speciosa leaves (pers. Periwinkles contain a wide array of indole alkaloids in all parts, many with physiological and psychoactive effects; they often act as hypotensive tranquillisers, and may increase cerebral blood flow. Roots yielded norfluorocurarine, akuammigine, carapanaubine, majdine, isomajdine, rauvoxinine, entN(1)-methyl-14,15-didehydroaspidospermidine, N(1)-methyl-14,15didehydrotuboxenine, and aspidofractinine derivatives (Nicoletti et al. Also isolated from the plant have been pericalline [convulsant], ammocalline, vincoline, vinosidine, catharine, pericyclivine, periformyline, horhammericine, horhammerinine and cathanneine [cathovaline] (Blomster et al. Leaf and stem of plants from Brisbane [Queensland, Australia], harvested in April, tested strongly-positive for alkaloids (Webb 1949).

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About the Security Industries Authority Staff

The Security Industies Authority is headed by a Registrar as the CEO and has thirteen (13) other staff members from all four (4) regions of the country working under him. These includes the Manager Finance and Administration, Manager Licensing and Compliance and four (4) Regional inspectors(MOMASE, Islands, Highland and Southern).

The Inspectors job are very challenging because they are at the front line of enforcement to ensure that private security companies are compliant with the provisions of the Security Protection Act to operate a security company. Most of them are former officers of the Royal PNG Constabulary. Apart from them we also have a efficient staff made up of the Executive Secretary, Accounts Officer, HR Officer , I.T Officer & an Office Janitor in Head Office Port Moresby while Admin Assistance/ Driver and an Office Admin/ Reception in Lae Momase & Highlands Region branch office.

Staff Profiles


Mr. Paul Kingston Isari

Registrar & CEO of PNG Security Industries Authority


Mr. Philip Gene, BAC, CPA PNG

Manager Finance & Administration


Mr. Spencer Gelo

Manager Licencing & Compliance

POM Office Staff

Front left – right Ms Margaret Biskum- Security Inspector New Guinea Islands, Ms Alicia Nana – Executive Secretary & Mrs Mackey Kembi Office Janitor

Back left – right Mr. Rinson Ngale – Security Inspector NCD/Southern Region, Mr. Emmanuel Tumbe HR Officer, Mr. Elijah Fave – Accounts Officer, Mr. Andrew Kaiap – I.T Officer


Lae Office Staff

Front left – right Ms Nelison Roberts – Office Secretary / Reception , Mr. Elvis Otare – Office Admin Assistance / Driver & Acting Momase Region Inspector

Back left – right Vacant – Office Manager & Security Inspector Momase Region, Mr. Pius Moi – Acting Office Manager Security Inspector Highlands Region

Security Industries Authority organizational chart


Vacancies for Council Representatives from the Security
Industry to sit in the Council

The Security Industries Authority currently does not have any vacant Council Representative position. There in total six (6) nominated representative from Security Industries in the council.(see SIA Council)

Qualified candidates will be made known here if there is a vacant in Council Representative positions.

Security Industries Authority Position Vacancies

SIA Currently has no vacancy positions available. Public will be notified for any positions available in the future.

Criteria for appointment to the Security Industries Council

  1. The candidates must have a sound knowledge in the operations of private security companies and are quite versed with the Security Protection Act 2004.
  2. The candidates shall not be currently employed in any licensed security companies that are currently registered with the Security Industries Authority or were not previously employed by any licensed security companies.
  3. The candidates shall not be a current owner or a shareholder of a licensed security company currently registered with the Security Industries Authority and the IPA (Investment promotion Authority).
  4. The candidates shall not be a previous owner or a shareholder of a licensed security company registered with the Security Industries Authority or with the IPA. (Investment promotion Authority).
  5. Interested persons may submit their application with a CV with three (3) references named and attached with their latest passport size photos.
  6. Both male and females are encouraged to participate.
  7. Only registered security companies and permitted security guards will participate in the nominations.
  8. All candidates shall be subjected to a fit and proper persons test before they are formally appointed for 3 years term by the Minister for Police & Internal Security.

For enquiries on this matter

Visit us at the Top floor of the Former Fraud Squad blue building, Gorobe Street, Badili, 2 Mile, Port Moresby NCD or Lae at Post Office Building, second street, top floor, suite # 14, Lae Morobe Province or write to the Chairman Security Industries Council PO BOX 80 Port Moresby National capital District. You can also contact Manager Licensing & Compliance – Mr. Spencer Gelo on telephone 3239851 / 3257930, or email executivesecretary@sia.gov.pg

Invitation to the Stake Holders and the Industry to make a submission on the amendments to current security Protection Act

The Registrar now invites all the registered security companies, service receivers and interested stake holders for their written submission to amend the current Security Protection Act to cover many grey areas of the law.

The submissions should clearly state what provisions of the current Security Protection Act 2004 and the Security Protection regulation 2012 are to be amended to enhance the growth of the industry. This is necessary in light of numerous complaints from the security companies and interested stake holders of the short falls in the current Act which is said to be hindering the growth of the industry.

All submissions must be dropped at The Authority Head Office: Former Fraud Squad Office, Top Floor, Gorobe Street, 2 Mile Drive, Badili,Boroko NCD in Port Moresby. They can also be posted or emailed using the address on the last page. Copies of the current Security Protection Act 2004 can be obtained at the Security Industries Authority office for K35 to use as a guide to prepare the submissions.

Appointment to the Board of Complaints

The Security Industries Authority in compliance with section 57 of the Security Protection Act 2004 has already advertised in the media in early February 2013 seeking for two (2) interested persons to sit on the Board of Complaints.

The purposes of the Board of Complaints is to hear allegations made against licensed security companies by the general public and to award appropriate disciplinary penalties to protect the integrity of the security industry. Several applications have already been received and the short listed candidates will be advised in writing by the chairman shortly before a final selection is made for their three (3) yeas appointments by the Minister for Police and Internal Security.