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By: U. Sanuyem, M.B. B.CH. B.A.O., M.B.B.Ch., Ph.D.

Co-Director, University of Massachusetts Medical School

The smaller indications are more likely to offer Fast Track opportunities for accelerated approval asthma treatment ladder buy 100mcg albuterol amex. The first pillar, the commercialization of Yupelri, was touted a core pillar of Theravance in 2021 due to its growth and profitability. Through a 35-65 partnership with Viatris, Theravance seen continued growth despite the pandemic. In the third quarter of 2020, Theravance reported $13M net sales, which is double from the $5. The bulk of the presentation was the highlights on the second pillar of Theravance, robust R&D engine. Winningham lauded ampreloxetine as the next growth driver just like Northera, the sole approved therapy for this indication with over $400M annually. In other words, treating the low blood pressure in these patients actually causes an overshoot - increases the blood pressure that overshoots normal and causing abnormally high blood pressure in some patients treated with Northera. Nevertheless, Theravance assured investors that the program is engaging on parts of the inflammation, and it was unfortunately could not ablate the late asthmatic response. Closing out the presentation, Winningham promised a busy third quarter with multiple important data releases, and progress toward a positive cash flow from Yupelri and Trelegy. Pending the interim analysis, the company may decide to stop the trial early for efficacy after accrual of 150 endpoint events. If the study continues, there will be another interim analysis in 2022 and final results in 2024. Viatris emphasized the broad range medications in their portfolio, including brands, generics and biosimilars through major therapeutic areas, spanning both non-communicable and infectious diseases. This diverse product range was stated to provide Viatris protection from volatility in the market. The company further enforced their confidence in their position with this as this supplies unparalleled global reach to patients, fueling profit growth as a result. The company reported stable revenue base, while continuing to invest in their pipeline as well as modest and durable revenue growth and operating leverage. Ziopharm plans to show shareholders more transparent approach and financing in 2021 to rebuild the confidence in the company and the future. About the Author Biomedtracker is an independent research service that offers proprietary clinical assessments and patient-based revenue forecasts of developmental drugs within a comprehensive and intuitive drug January 2021 105 information database. Clients from the pharmaceutical, biotech, and investment industries rely on Biomedtracker for its insight on the likelihood of approval, commercial potential, and future data and regulatory catalysts for drugs within the competitive landscape of every important disease and indication. Over the last several years, Biomedtracker has become the leader in providing objective information alongside evidence based clinical assessments and investment research on pipeline drugs worldwide. For more information on getting direct access to Biomedtracker, please email BiomedSupport@sagientresearch. Meddevicetracker is an all new medtech intelligence platform that provides clients with real-time data and analysis on medical devices and diagnostics. From the people behind Biomedtracker, comes an event-driven research service for the medical device and diagnostic marketplace. Morgan Healthcare Conference 01/11/2021 (Adimmune) Enterovirus 71 Vaccine (Adimmune) for Antiviral - Miscellaneous Vaccines Event Date: 01/11/2021 Event Type: Progress Update (Clinical Analysis) Trial Name: N/A Market Group: Infectious Disease Lead Company: Adimmune Corporation (4142) Partner Companies: N/A Phase: Development Outside U. Morgan Healthcare Conference 01/11/2021 (Adimmune) H7N9 Pandemic Flu Vaccine (Adimmune) for Pandemic Influenza Vaccines Event Date: 01/11/2021 Event Type: Progress Update (Clinical Analysis) Trial Name: N/A Market Group: Infectious Disease Lead Company: Adimmune Corporation (4142) Partner Companies: N/A January 2021 119 Phase: Development Outside U. January 2021 122 Design In Part A, patients were randomized to pritelivir or foscarnet and were acyclovir-resistant. Morgan Healthcare Conference 01/14/2021 (AiCuris, Slide 15) Informa Analysis Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The study will be conducted at approximately 90 clinical trial sites across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Placebo Blood Eosinophils Baseline Change in Blood Eosinophils at Week 16 P Value vs.

The canalith repositioning procedure: for treatment of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo asthma treatment usmle albuterol 100 mcg low price. The Epley (canalith repositioning) maneuvre for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. Benign paroxysmal vertigo: a comparative prospective study of the efficacy of Brandt and Daroff exercises, Semont and Epley maneuver. His physical examination is significant for weakness in his lower extremities, specifically of the hip flexors, and ankle/foot muscles. The sensory examination is significant for loss of sensation in his extremities, worse in the toes and fingers and extending above the knee and at the wrist. His extensive laboratory studies are normal, including a normal blood glucose and a normal glycosylated hemoglobin level. Electrodiagnostic study of his muscle (electromyography) and nerve (nerve conduction study) confirm a sensory and motor polyneuropathy involving both his lower extremities and upper extremities. His examination reveals absent reflexes, proximal (hips) and distal (fingers, ankle/feet) weakness, and a stocking-and-glove distribution of sensory loss in his upper and lower extremities. His studies confirm that his symptoms are caused by a neuropathy involving both of his arms and legs. Most likely diagnosis: Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy Next diagnostic step: Analysis of the cerebrospinal fluid Next step in therapy: Immunosuppressive therapy such as corticosteroids or intravenous immunoglobulins Analysis Objectives 1. Know diagnostic approach to polyneuropathy including laboratory and pathologic studies and electrodiagnostic tests. He presents with a slowly progressive symmetrical weakness and sensory abnormalities of the hands and legs. The sensory deficits point toward peripheral nerve involvement, rather than that of motor neuron cells, nerve-muscle junction, or solely muscle since disorders of these structures result in pure motor involvement. Other conditions that can cause a peripheral neuropathy include toxins such as lead, arsenic, thallium, chemotherapy drugs, and certain antiretroviral therapy; metabolic conditions classically diabetes mellitus, with an estimated 50% of diabetics having some form of neuropathy, although many are asymptomatic. Diabetic polyneuropathy is a diagnosis of exclusion, and usually involve people with diabetes mellitus for at least 25 years. Chronic acquired inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy is a neurological disorder characterized by progressive weakness and impaired sensory function in the legs and arms caused by damage to the myelin sheath (the fatty covering that wraps around and protects nerve fibers) and is one of the few peripheral neuropathies amenable to treatment. It is an outgrowth of Schwann cells, a glial cell that supplies the myelin for peripheral neurons whereas oligodendrocytes supply it to those of the central nervous system. Axon: Nerve fiber projection of a motor or sensory neuron that conducts electrical impulses away from the neuron cell body or soma. At symptom onset, patients usually present with a generalized pattern of numbness and weakness in upper and lower extremities and spontaneous pain that develops gradually over several weeks. Yet occasionally, the demyelinating neuropathy is focal, leading to focal or multifocal motor dysfunction. Symptoms typically develop gradually in 84%, but can occur more acutely in 16% of patients who reach maximal disability within 4 weeks. A variable proportion of cases follow a relapsing course, with many of these patients, often younger, developing a secondarily progressive course, similar to that observed in multiple sclerosis patients. Etiology and Pathogenesis Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy is presumably immunological in origin. It is characterized morphologically by longstanding multifocal demyelination that predominantly affects spinal roots, major plexuses, and proximal nerve trunks and is associated with a mild to moderate immune inflammation. Although no genetic susceptibility genes or factors have been identified, there are certain predisposing factors reportedly linked to the disease, including a history of vaccination or infection within 6 weeks of symptom onset, pregnancy or postpartum period, and surgery. Both cell-mediated mechanisms and antibodymediated responses to major glycolipid or myelin protein antigens have been implicated.

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Fleisher asthma symptoms worse at night generic albuterol 100mcg visa, Outpatient treatment of febrile infants 28 to 89 days of age with intramuscular administration of ceftriaxone, J. Harper, Identifying febrile young infants with bacteremia: is the peripheral white blood cell count an accurate screen Wittlake, Does leucocytosis identify bacterial infections in febrile neonates presenting to the emergency department Harper, Low risk of bacteremia in febrile children with recognizable viral syndromes, Pediatr. Brown, Selective use of vancomycin to prevent coagulase-negative staphylococcal nosocomial bacteremia in high risk very low birth weight infants, Pediatr. Barrington, Vancomycin for prophylaxis against sepsis in preterm neonates, Cochrane Database Syst. Capparelli, Immunotherapy in neonatal sepsis: advances in treatment and prophylaxis, Curr. Glezen, Maternal immunization for the prevention of infection in early infancy, Semin. Englund, Protection of newborns through maternal immunization, Vaccine 21 (2003) 3351. National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Neonatal Research Network, N. Lacy, Intravenous immunoglobulin for preventing infection in preterm and/or low-birth-weight infants, Cochrane Database Syst. Pizzo, Modulation of host defenses by cytokines: evolving adjuncts in prevention and treatment of serious infections in immunocompromised patients, Clin. Tudehope, Neonatal bacterial sepsis in a neonatal intensive care unit: a 5-year analysis, J. Stel, Neonatal Borrelia infections (relapsing fever): report of 5 cases and review of the literature, East Afr. Kleiman, Capnocytophaga canimorsus meningitis in a newborn: an avoidable infection, Pediatr. DeBiasi, Escherichia hermannii infection of a cephalohematoma: case report, review of the literature, and description of a novel invasive pathogen, Clin. Daum, Escherichia hermannii sepsis with duodenal perforation in a neonate, Pediatr. Lingaas, Flavobacterium meningosepticum infections in a neonatal intensive care unit, Acta Paediatr. Rathbun, Corynebacterium vaginale (Hemophilus vaginalis) bacteremia: clinical study of 29 cases, Johns Hopkins Med. Hetherington, Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole therapy of neonatal Proteus mirabilis meningitis unresponsive to cefotaxime, Pediatr. Pomerance, Bloodstream invasion with Shigella sonnei in an asymptomatic newborn infant, Pediatr. Eyal, Stomatococcus mucilaginosus septicemia and meningitis in a premature infant, Pediatr. Clinical signs and symptoms include respiratory distress, poor feeding, and irritability. Infection may extend to the surrounding structures, leading to formation of deep neck abscess. Microorganisms identified as the etiologic agents of these infections and their manifestations of disease include the following: Staphylococcus aureus. There have been reports, however, of localized abscesses in the oral cavity related to S. In 1936, Clark and Barysh [1] reported a case of retropharyngeal abscess in a 6-week-old infant.

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At various times asthma zone chart order 100mcg albuterol with mastercard, pregnancy has been thought to improve, worsen, or have no effect on the prognosis of tuberculosis. This controversy has lost much of its importance since the advent of effective antituberculosis chemotherapy. The greatest areas of debate at present concern the use of chemotherapy to prevent the progression of M. Exposure implies that the patient has had recent (<3 months) and significant contact with an adult with suspected or confirmed contagious pulmonary tuberculosis. An infant born into a family in which an adult has active tuberculosis would be in the exposure stage. It is impossible to know whether a young child in the exposure stage is truly infected with M. In this stage, findings on the chest radiograph either are normal or reveal only granuloma or calcification in the lung parenchyma or regional lymph nodes. In newborns, the progression from infection to disease can occur very rapidly-within several weeks to months. Of untreated infants with a positive tuberculin skin test, 40% progress to disease. Because 25% to 35% of children with tuberculosis have extrapulmonary involvement, a thorough physical examination, in addition to a high-quality chest radiograph, is essential to rule out disease [7]. Genitourinary tuberculosis in women often causes only subtle symptoms until it is far advanced. Initially, 10% to 20% of immunocompetent adults and children with the disease have a negative tuberculin skin test result, usually because of immunosuppression from tuberculosis itself. The cell wall constituents of mycobacteria determine their most striking biologic properties. The cell wall is composed of 20% to 60% lipids bound to proteins and carbohydrates. These and other properties make mycobacteria more resistant than most other bacteria to light, alkali, acid, and bactericidal activity of antibodies. The hallmark of mycobacteria is acid-fastness, the capacity to form stable mycolate complexes with certain aryl methane dyes that are not removed even by rinsing with 95% ethanol plus hydrochloric acid. The cells appear red when stained with carbol fuchsin (ZiehlNeelsen or Kinyoun stains) or purple when stained with crystal violet or exhibit yellow-green fluorescence under ultraviolet light when stained with Truant auraminerhodamine stain. Truant auramine-rhodamine stain is considered the most sensitive stain, especially when small numbers of organisms are present. Approximately 10,000 cells/mm3 must be present in a sample for them to be seen in an acid-fast stained smear. Identification of mycobacteria depends on their staining properties and their biochemical, metabolic, and growth characteristics. Isolation on solid media takes 2 to 6 weeks, followed by another 2 to 4 weeks for drug-susceptibility testing. As mycobacteria metabolize the palmitic acid, carbon dioxide-14 accumulates in the head space of the bottle, where radioactivity can be measured. Because bottles are often analyzed in series by repetitive needle aspiration in an automated, single-needle system, cross-contamination leading to a false-positive culture can occur. Drug susceptibility testing can be performed on the same system using bottles with antimicrobial agents added to the medium. In this radiometric system, identification and drug-susceptibility testing often can be completed in 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the concentration of organisms in the patient sample. More recently, a novel system has been developed wherein the culture and susceptibility are performed simultaneously in liquid media. Infants and children with pulmonary tuberculosis rarely produce sputum, the usual culture material for adults. The preferred source of culture for children is a gastric aspirate, performed early in the morning before the stomach has been emptied of the respiratory secretions swallowed overnight. For older children, the culture yield from gastric aspirates obtained on 3 consecutive mornings is 20% to 40% [13].

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Other distinguishing characteristics for bovine strains include their unique fermentation reactions asthma 101 asthma triggers handout buy albuterol 100 mcg with mastercard, their decreased frequency of pigment production, and their usual susceptibility to bacitracin. Protein X, rarely found in human strains, is commonly present in pathogenic bovine isolates [26]. Less time-consuming serologic techniques are now employed, but all use group-specific antiserum to identify the group B antigen in intact cells, broth culture supernatants, or cell extracts. Strains designated as type I were later shown to have cross-reactive and antigenically distinct polysaccharides, and the antigenically distinct type Ia and type Ib polysaccharides were defined [28]. This protein, originally called the "type Ib/c antigen," now is known as C protein. Current nomenclature designates polysaccharide antigens as type antigens and protein antigens as additional markers for characterization [31,32]. Characterization of C protein showed that it is composed of two unrelated protein components, the trypsinresistant a C protein and the trypsin-sensitive b C protein [34]. The number of repeating units expressed alters antigenicity and influences the repertoires of antibodies elicited [36]. The use of one or two repeat units of a C proteins elicits antibodies that bind all a C proteins with equal affinity, suggesting its potential as a vaccine candidate [37,38]. Strains bearing a and b C proteins possess increased resistance to opsonization in vitro. Most group B streptococcal strains have the gene for just one of the Alp family proteins. Genes encoding Alp1 (also designated "epsilon") are associated with type Ia, and genes encoding Alp3 are associated with type V strains [42]. Alp also are referred to as R proteins, of which R1 and R4 are the major ones found on clinical isolates [42]. The gene sequence of a protein initially designated R5 that is expressed by numerous clinically relevant group B streptococcal types has been sequenced and renamed group B protective surface protein [43]. These were first described by Pattison and coworkers [44], who introduced reagents for their detection in an attempt to classify nontypable strains further. A protein designated Sip (for surface immunogenic protein) is distinct from other known surface proteins. Formed by proteins with adhesive functions, these structures are implicated in host colonization, attachment, and invasion [47]. The pilus-like structures are encoded in genomic pilus islands that have an organization similar to that of pathogenicity islands. Three types of pilus island have been identified through genomic analysis; these are composed of partially homogeneous covalently linked proteins (pilus islands 1, 2a, and 2b). These pili proteins are highly surface-expressed and are involved in paracellular translocation through epithelial cells. At least one of these is present on all group B streptococcal clinical strains tested to date. When more gentle techniques were employed for extraction, large molecular mass or "native" polysaccharides were isolated that contained an additional antigenic determinant, N-acetylneuraminic acid or sialic acid. With the use of contemporary methods for determination, L-rhamnose, D-galactose, 2-acetamido-2-deoxy-D-glucose, and D-glucitol have been identified as its constituent monosaccharides. The structures of the type Ia and type Ib polysaccharides differ only in a single monosaccharide side chain linkage, although there are differences in the tertiary configuration of the molecules [64]. These monosaccharide linkages are critical to their immunologic specificity and explain their immunologic cross-reactivity [28,65]. The position of the conformational epitope along these helices is potentially important to binding site interactions [69,70]. In a modified chemically defined medium, the expression of capsule during continuous growth is regulated by the growth rate [52]. Group B streptococcal invasiveness is enhanced by a fast growth rate and is optimal in the presence of at least 5% oxygen [73,74].

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About the Security Industries Authority Staff

The Security Industies Authority is headed by a Registrar as the CEO and has thirteen (13) other staff members from all four (4) regions of the country working under him. These includes the Manager Finance and Administration, Manager Licensing and Compliance and four (4) Regional inspectors(MOMASE, Islands, Highland and Southern).

The Inspectors job are very challenging because they are at the front line of enforcement to ensure that private security companies are compliant with the provisions of the Security Protection Act to operate a security company. Most of them are former officers of the Royal PNG Constabulary. Apart from them we also have a efficient staff made up of the Executive Secretary, Accounts Officer, HR Officer , I.T Officer & an Office Janitor in Head Office Port Moresby while Admin Assistance/ Driver and an Office Admin/ Reception in Lae Momase & Highlands Region branch office.

Staff Profiles


Mr. Paul Kingston Isari

Registrar & CEO of PNG Security Industries Authority


Mr. Philip Gene, BAC, CPA PNG

Manager Finance & Administration


Mr. Spencer Gelo

Manager Licencing & Compliance

POM Office Staff

Front left – right Ms Margaret Biskum- Security Inspector New Guinea Islands, Ms Alicia Nana – Executive Secretary & Mrs Mackey Kembi Office Janitor

Back left – right Mr. Rinson Ngale – Security Inspector NCD/Southern Region, Mr. Emmanuel Tumbe HR Officer, Mr. Elijah Fave – Accounts Officer, Mr. Andrew Kaiap – I.T Officer


Lae Office Staff

Front left – right Ms Nelison Roberts – Office Secretary / Reception , Mr. Elvis Otare – Office Admin Assistance / Driver & Acting Momase Region Inspector

Back left – right Vacant – Office Manager & Security Inspector Momase Region, Mr. Pius Moi – Acting Office Manager Security Inspector Highlands Region

Security Industries Authority organizational chart


Vacancies for Council Representatives from the Security
Industry to sit in the Council

The Security Industries Authority currently does not have any vacant Council Representative position. There in total six (6) nominated representative from Security Industries in the council.(see SIA Council)

Qualified candidates will be made known here if there is a vacant in Council Representative positions.

Security Industries Authority Position Vacancies

SIA Currently has no vacancy positions available. Public will be notified for any positions available in the future.

Criteria for appointment to the Security Industries Council

  1. The candidates must have a sound knowledge in the operations of private security companies and are quite versed with the Security Protection Act 2004.
  2. The candidates shall not be currently employed in any licensed security companies that are currently registered with the Security Industries Authority or were not previously employed by any licensed security companies.
  3. The candidates shall not be a current owner or a shareholder of a licensed security company currently registered with the Security Industries Authority and the IPA (Investment promotion Authority).
  4. The candidates shall not be a previous owner or a shareholder of a licensed security company registered with the Security Industries Authority or with the IPA. (Investment promotion Authority).
  5. Interested persons may submit their application with a CV with three (3) references named and attached with their latest passport size photos.
  6. Both male and females are encouraged to participate.
  7. Only registered security companies and permitted security guards will participate in the nominations.
  8. All candidates shall be subjected to a fit and proper persons test before they are formally appointed for 3 years term by the Minister for Police & Internal Security.

For enquiries on this matter

Visit us at the Top floor of the Former Fraud Squad blue building, Gorobe Street, Badili, 2 Mile, Port Moresby NCD or Lae at Post Office Building, second street, top floor, suite # 14, Lae Morobe Province or write to the Chairman Security Industries Council PO BOX 80 Port Moresby National capital District. You can also contact Manager Licensing & Compliance – Mr. Spencer Gelo on telephone 3239851 / 3257930, or email executivesecretary@sia.gov.pg

Invitation to the Stake Holders and the Industry to make a submission on the amendments to current security Protection Act

The Registrar now invites all the registered security companies, service receivers and interested stake holders for their written submission to amend the current Security Protection Act to cover many grey areas of the law.

The submissions should clearly state what provisions of the current Security Protection Act 2004 and the Security Protection regulation 2012 are to be amended to enhance the growth of the industry. This is necessary in light of numerous complaints from the security companies and interested stake holders of the short falls in the current Act which is said to be hindering the growth of the industry.

All submissions must be dropped at The Authority Head Office: Former Fraud Squad Office, Top Floor, Gorobe Street, 2 Mile Drive, Badili,Boroko NCD in Port Moresby. They can also be posted or emailed using the address on the last page. Copies of the current Security Protection Act 2004 can be obtained at the Security Industries Authority office for K35 to use as a guide to prepare the submissions.

Appointment to the Board of Complaints

The Security Industries Authority in compliance with section 57 of the Security Protection Act 2004 has already advertised in the media in early February 2013 seeking for two (2) interested persons to sit on the Board of Complaints.

The purposes of the Board of Complaints is to hear allegations made against licensed security companies by the general public and to award appropriate disciplinary penalties to protect the integrity of the security industry. Several applications have already been received and the short listed candidates will be advised in writing by the chairman shortly before a final selection is made for their three (3) yeas appointments by the Minister for Police and Internal Security.